560.000 tonnes of bakery products freshly baked when customers need them

Specialist in frozen & fresh bakery products !

Lantmännen Unibake is a leading international bakery group with expertise in frozen and fresh bakery products for food service and retail. We solve tomorrow’s challenges in the bakery business and set new standards for possibilities with bread.


  More than 35 bakeries around the world

  6,000 dedicated employees

  1 bn EUR net annual sales

  Second largest bakery company in Europe 

  Part of Lantmännen Group, owned by Swedish farmers

Our brands

At Lantmannen Unibake we offer a wide range of brands focused on different segments and product portfolios. 


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Continued growth is a high priority

Lantmännen Unibake International

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3rd Floor
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Peter Hermes
IKAM & Sales Director
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