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Who we are

We can confidently say that we are the UK's leading supplier of high quality bakery products to retailers, wholesalers and the foodservice industry.

Products to be proud of

Our product brands consist of Schulstad Bakery Solutions and Americana. Within our Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand we offer a delicious selection of premium melt-in-the-mouth ReadyGlazed Danish pastries, buttery viennoiserie, irresistible sweet treats, tempting continental savouries, versatile speciality and French breads. Our wide range of fast food breads include premium and classic burger buns, baps and hot dog rolls, which fall under our Americana brand. All products are supplied ready to bake or thaw and serve, providing total convenience.

We are passionate about innovation and continuous product development as it enables us to bring the very best bakery products to market.

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Service you can be sure of

Our customers can benefit from ongoing support in all areas of our expertise including the following: baking advice and bespoke bakery training, first class quality assurance and technical knowledge, merchandising, marketing support, category insight and a dedicated Account Manager.

Our bakeries

Lantmännen Unibake is the second largest bakery company in Europe, producing 585,000 tonnes of bakery products a year.  It has 37 bakeries worldwide and is present in more than 20 countries. 

In the UK, we have two modern BRC Grade A accredited bakeries in Milton Keynes and Bedford, producing bread and Danish pastries respectively. We also have close relationships with a network of specialist bakeries across Europe, enabling us to remain exceptionally market-orientated. 

Our Milton Keynes bakery produces French, speciality and fast food breads. In 2011, we invested in a new sheeting line giving us the capability to produce added-value breads.

Our bakery at Bedford produces innovative, high quality Danish pastries, with authentic Danish recipes. A new resting section on the line helps to produce a stress-free, even and consistent dough. Technologically innovative provers and freezers produce a more consistent product more efficiently. The result - 24 light and flaky layers of pastry, with the perfect blend of flours, pre-proved and ready-to-bake straight from the freezer.

Owned by Lantmännen

27,000 Swedish farmers share collective ownership of Lantmännen, one of Northern Europe’s largest groups within the agriculture, machinery, energy and food sector.

This strong ownership structure makes it possible to take longterm decisions rooted in a constant care for the earth and deep respect for natural resources and raw materials.

Together with Lantmännen, we work to create long lasting, sound and sustainable solutions in all business activities from farmland to fork.

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Lantmännen Unibake UK

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