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When designing a gourmet hot dog, you need to think about flavour combinations. The only limit is your imagination; however, there are a few simple rules. A hot dog should have crispy, sweet, sharp, salty and rich elements. Choose only few ingredients, and remember that you should be able to eat the hot dog with your fingers. And choose the bread carefully – it's important for the taste as well as the appearance.


The bread is key to the final result, so choose the best one for your hot dog. See our BEST hot dog bread here                     


Choose good sausages or make them yourself. Remember that grilled sausages have extra flavour and look more appetising.


Add a crispy topping as a contrast to the soft garnish. Don't put too much on so that it's impossible to take a bite.

Click here for inspiration to various toppings, sauces and garnishes.


Use a high-quality ketchup – possibly home-made – and use a mustard that is not too strong.


Top with sweet or sour, preferably home-pickled ingredients that are in season. Place the condiment, garnish and topping so they are visible.


1+1=3. Home-made doesn't have to be difficult or expensive if you use each element for several items on your menu – for instance, an ingredient for your hot dogs may also be used for burgers and sandwiches. Use seasonal ingredients, and remember that many delicious preserves and pickles for your larder can be prepared ahead of time and will keep well in a sealed container.

Mix your basic ingredients over and over again to create new taste sensations.

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