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BEST possible range ?
We offer more than 1500 different breads

1500 bread products to match your need

Thanks to our 26 frozen bread lines and our business across 20 markets, we can bring you both a wide, global, on-trend range and the latest local products that work best. Because we combine the resources to adapt while still maintaining consistent quality and control – to assure that you’ll always have the best possible range for your clients.

Globally, we offer more than 1500 frozen bread products: baguettes, ciabattas, buns and rolls, loaves, sandwich carriers, flatbreads and more. Premium bread for all locations, occasions and consumers!

Want to build or grow your business ? 

Whether you are looking for natural, functional or protein- enriched breads and pastries. Or whether you prefer organic or gluten-free ingredients, products free of nuts, products made with healthy fats, sourdough, baked in a stone oven or with a long fermentation process – we have it all. And if we don’t, we will make it for you.

Because it’s our business to support and service yours.

Because we ACT GLOBALLY, we have the resources to adapt and FIT LOCALLY

Funny how the perception seems to be that a small bread company works better locally. Yet working as an international bakery group, with activities across continents, has shown that most of the time our size and experience enable us to offer the best local bread and services.


increase profits on bread sales

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