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Hot Dog economy

Consumers are willing to pay more for a good quality hot dog. 

Quality and taste have become more important than price.


Once upon a time, there was only one way to make a real hot dog. This is no longer the case. Gourmet hot dogs have become a new trend in street food. And thanks to this gourmet trend and the growing interest in food, consumers are less price-conscious and hence willing to pay more for something special. This means that there are great flavours and business opportunities waiting for those who put gourmet hot dogs on the menu.

The options are endless – for instance, you can easily boost your earnings by serving several small gourmet hot dogs in one serving. The bun is a very important part of a hot dog, both visually and taste-wise. Therefore, Schulstad offers more than just the classic bun, but a whole new range of buns – from butter-baked brioche and healthy-choice buns to hot dog buns baked with sour dough.

The appetite for gourmet hot dogs creates exciting new opportunities for restaurants and cafés

Apart from offering the most innovative bread solutions, we keep you updated on new trends, provide you with inspiration for recipes and offer business advice – you don't just buy bread, but a whole concept created to provide you with inspiration and optimise your business.

A gourmet rolls adds value to your menu. And not just when it comes to flavours. 

The consumers are less price sensitive thanks to the premium hot dog trend. This makes hot dogs a profitable and popular addition for restaurants across various segments. 

The True Dog Trend

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