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How to drive success in sweet bakery?

Download full infographic here

Rise & Shice

Insight no. 1


Rise & Shine

Make sweet bakery the first choice for a more enjoyable and convenient breakfast.

The next generation

A variety of fun flavours, on the go and sharing formats can make sweet baked goods more attractive to th enext generation.

Download full infographic here

Evening indulgence + Better baked break

Insight no. 2


Evening indulgence

Relax and unwing with an indulgent sweet baked treat, for a special occasion, relaxing night or delicious dessert.

Better baked breaks

Sweet baked goods are a great tasting and more foodie snacking alternative than confectionary.

Download full infographic here

Sandwich with a twist

Insight no. 3


Sandwich with a twist

Give a new twist to sandwiches by using morning goods as a carrier.

Complement the drink

Cross promote sweet bakery products with hot and cold drinks to boost impulse sales.

Download full infographic here

The Mini Signature Selection

Five indulgent little pastries crafted to be a feast for the senses!

The perfect match for cafes and in-store bakeries where coffee and hot drinks are served.

Click here for a closer look on the MiniMania selection
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