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Convenience store

We can help you get satisfied customers

Convenience is a highly dynamic, attractive and growing market with a great potential and opportunities for you and your business. The demand for convenience and prepared food – snacks as well as proper meals – is high amongst consumers whose busy lives often lead them to choose convenient solutions. However, not at the expense of quality or taste. Most consumers use all their senses when eating, and taste, appearance and smell are therefore essential for the overall food experience.

We know that we can help you turn this huge potential to your advantage and make your business the one preferred by the consumers. We are offering a range that will accommodate the various requirements, needs and preferences of your customers – for instance, take advantage of our huge bake-off range that creates smells and a real bakery atmosphere with a minimum of effort and time.

We offer inspiration and tips for how to present your products in a professional and inviting manner that is sure to catch the eyes and attention of your customers.

Together, we can turn our bread into your success!

Breakfast on the go

To many busy people, convenience shops are the source of the first (and to many also the most important) meal of the day: breakfast. With our bake-off breakfast range, you can quickly create freshly baked bread for your customers stepping into the smell of a real bakery.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of mini Danish pastries and croissants that are among the favourites with hungry customers wanting to treat themselves in the morning. We will help you have the perfect, unique selection of breads and cakes guaranteed to satisfy hungry customers.

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