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Tips and tools to grow your in-store bakery

Being innovative isn’t only about the products we develop. It’s also about how we work with customers to support their business growth.

That’s why we developed the Lantmännen Unibake in-store bakery toolset. Aimed at our country sales managers, this fact-based guide helps uncover the needs of individual customers and grow their in-store bakery business. All based on the knowledge and best practices of our international group.

“Bread is an important part of the shopping basket. If you can get customers to buy your bread, they will probably buy other things too,” says Chris Houston, group market intelligence manager. 

Some of our tips for successful in-store bakery sales.

  • Find the correct assortment for your business – sometimes less is more!
  • Focus on being the best at the products you offer
  • Use your branding to stand out from the competition
  • Bake several times a day so the products on display are always fresh – this is the best way to maximise sales and deliver quality
Tips and tools to grow your in-store bakery
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