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Let’s reimagine your career

Introducing opportunities on a global scale

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Lantmännen Unibake is a global bakery business.

We have 36 bakeries in 16 countries, supplying both fresh and frozen bread, cakes and pastries to over 60 international markets.

This is where you come in.

As a global bakery with an ambition to grow further, we rely as much on people as flour and water. Industrial scale baking is a multi-faceted business with opportunities for ambitious men and women, in all aspects of the retail and food service markets, in many countries. Simply put, we need people like you. Because although this is a business it has people at its heart.

As we grow, so does our appetite.

Lantmännen Unibake is a global bakery created, over the years, by an entrepreneurial culture and attitude. Over time, bakeries strong in their own local markets have been acquired, joined our team and added their individual skills and specialities. The result is what we now refer to as ‘One Unibake’. A worldwide family of influential bakers that has every intention of growing bigger and bigger, long term.

Meet your future colleagues

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Nina Tuomikangas has a Master of Science in Industrial Management & Food Engineering. She is an energetic, inspiring, ambitious and highly competent colleague that has strategy execution on the top of her list of disciplines to get her started in the morning. By 14 September, Nina takes another step in her career and transfers to a position as Project Manager Innovation within Unibake’s parent company, Lantmännen. We wish Nina all the best of luck in her new endeavors and look forward to seeing her back with us in a few years!

‘It is very strong that a company can have an immense drive and yet no sharp elbows between people’

In our mini-series “Reimagine Mobility” we put faces to some of our own people who have asked themselves, “What do I want to do next?” Today, it’s time to learn about Nicola West, Sales and Marketing Director at Lantmännen Unibake Australia.

Nicola West: “I trust that at the end of every journey there is a group of people supporting and guiding me to make the best decision”

In our mini-series “Reimagine Mobility” we put faces to some of our own people who have asked themselves, “Where do I want to go next?” Today, it’s time to learn about Ilya Suturin’s transition from Lantmännen Unibake Russia to UBI in Copenhagen. 

Ilya Suturin: “I have an endless appetite for reaching new peaks in business and personal development”

Work with colleagues with an appetite for more

Hello. Let's go.

From the moment you are greeted in reception you will know that you are joining a team that will welcome you, support you and keep you on your toes. To us, ambition isn’t selfish. It’s something to be shared, encouraged and celebrated.

Opportunities. Open to you.

Ask any newbie what’s different about Lantmannen-Unibake and they will repeatedly use the word ‘open’. 

What do they mean? There are no stupid questions. No closed doors. A flat hierarchy that respects any colleague and their viewpoint. An approachable management team - if you walk up to the CEO he’ll have a chat (try it).

Join our local global business

Where there is bread, cakes and pastry, we’re never far away. With 36 bakeries in 16 countries, creating fresh and frozen products for the retail and food service markets in over 60 countries, there’s likely to be Lantmännen Unibake opportunity close to where you are.

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