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"If the woman I was when I first started in Lantmännen Unibake, could see the person I am today, I think she would be surprised, almost shocked. I’m proud of that, and I think the woman from eight years ago would be too."

Natalia Yasneva: "Today I have the smell of bread when I go to work and it brings back my childhood memories."

"The best career advice I have ever received has been to learn to say no sometimes. I think it’s very common to say yes to too many tasks, especially when you are young and you land to your first job."

Cecilie Lysaker: "I find my motivation to go to work in the team spirit, it has always been like that since I played handball."

"I knew I was going to end up being an engineer of some sort. I always took things apart in the house when I was young and worked on cars with my father in the garage. He’s in motorsports."

Tom Mitson: " I thought that the smell of bread was better than the smell from a paper mill."

"I dreamt of teaching as a childIt was the thought of inspiring others to realize new things. Even though I never became a teacher finding motivation in other people and being able to motivate them is something I enjoy in my current work."

Kati Haapa: " I like to see my team shine and coach them into performing at an even higher level where we all succeed."

"I remember my first days in Unibake Finland Frozen. I quite quickly noticed that the hierarchy here is very flat. I can tell my manager and his manager things as they are."

Ville Teelahti: "My job is to make the employees feel comfortable and at the same time make sure that we follow certain routines regarding food safety and production guidelines."

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Lantmännen Unibake

We are proud to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high-quality bakery products to retailers, wholesalers and the food service industry.

Our passionate employees work from 34 bakeries across Europe, the US and Australia. We offer a wide range of brands, products and solutions for professional customers and consumers alike. Get more quick facts.

We are owned by 20,000 Swedish farmers through the Lantmännen Group and are committed to taking responsibility for our actions all the way from the field to the fork.

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Global Communications Director 
Lantmännen Unibake
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Tora Zeijlon
Press Manager 
Lantmännen Group (Sweden)
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