Securing your confidence in our Nutrition and Food Safety

As a partner for our customers, we are committed to advising on trends, sharing knowledge and ideas of benefit to customer businesses, and giving consumers the assurance of a transparent and secure supply chain.


An important part of our responsibility involves conducting research and developing new tasteful breads to meet consumers’ nutritional needs. Salt reduction, cholesterol reduction and nutrients in rye and wholegrain are among the areas we work with. We also participate in national and international initiatives dedicated to improving consumer nutrition.

Food safety

Food safety is always a major concern. For this reason, we ensure all our bakeries live up to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety or an equivalent approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Our food defence efforts keep us alert to the risk of criminal actions in the supply chain.

We endeavour to have all our raw materials traceable back to the country of origin, and for pecan nuts we can do this down to the specific grower.

Lantmännen Unibake ensures:

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  • a transparent and secure supply chain.
  • that new products meet your nutritional needs.
  • that all our raw materials are traceable back to the country of origin.

A pinch less salt makes a big difference

Lantmännen Unibake’s organisation in Finland, Vaasan has set a new target to reduce salt and improve cardiovascular health

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