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We place sustainability at the heart of our business. We stand on the shoulders of a hundred years of baking history and respect for natural resources. A responsible way of working goes into baking and distributing every frozen and fresh bakery product.

This is our environmental agenda with targets and future ambitions for five key areas in our own production.


Food waste

When we waste food, we also waste the resources needed to grow, harvest, process, produce, transport and package food. Today, we recycle 100% of our bakery waste and use it for protein rich cattle feed and climate-friendly biofuel production.


We are reducing the thickness and size of our plastic bags, we are packing the goods more efficiently, and we are recycling as much as we can. By 2020 we will reduce our plastic consumption by 10%, and by 2022 all our packaging materials will be recyclable.

Raw materials

100% cage-free eggs. 100% RSPO-certified segregated palm oil. And 100% UTZ-certified cocoa. We work closely with suppliers to keep people, animals and nature safe and free from mistreatment.


With bakeries in 16 countries smart logistics and sensible packaging can save a lot of kilometres and fuel. Our Logistics Excellence Program is designed to optimize every step of the supply chain. Lantmännen Unibake contributes to Lantmännen’s target to reduce CO2 emissions from transport by 70% by 2030.


We are transitioning towards a fossil free production in our bakeries. At the same time, we are optimizing our processes and equipment to reduce our energy consumption in the bakeries. By 2020 we are targeting a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions from energy used in our bakeries compared to 2015 levels, and by 2040 all our bakeries in Europe will be 100% fossil free.


Lantmännen Unibake International

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