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For centuries bread has served as a natural source of nutrients and fibre essential to our health. We are not only passing on that tradition. We are expanding it.

Obesity is a major challenge in many countries around the world, making it a global health challenge. We support a nutritional, varied diet. But we also support a balanced lifestyle. In moderate amounts the occasional treat such as pastries, muffins or donuts can be enjoyed together with friends or family for any taste, occasion or time of day.


A healthy life

Baking whole grain bread has always been part of the Nordic food culture. Looking ahead wholegrain bread will also have a solid place in the new planetary diet that is proposed by EAT-Lancet scientists as a healthy and planet-friendly way of eating.

We are constantly innovating our baking techniques and exploring new and healthier alternatives to our traditional ingredients. But taste is paramount, and we never compromise taste over health. On the sustainability agenda we, among other initiatives, work with salt reduction, adjusting portion sizes and increasing whole grains and fibre.

Food Safety

Protect people. We cannot say it any clearer. Food safety is our focal point. Actions to ensure food safety run through every part of our processes, and we only collaborate with suppliers and subcontractors who can guarantee industry high levels of food safety.

Lantmännen Unibake International

Sluseholmen 8A
3rd Floor
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV 

+45 7628 5000
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