The numbers speak for themselves. With 36 bakeries in 21 countries and a global presence in 65 countries on 5 continents logistics is at the top of our sustainability agenda. Guided by our Logistics Excellence Programme we are continually optimizing how we handle frozen and fresh products in our warehouses, and how we pack and ship the products across borders.

Road transportation

By 2020 we will decrease our emissions from road transportation by 40%. By 2030 we target a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions from road transportation.


Through portfolio optimization projects we are customizing the size and thickness of our corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic bags. That means that we transport less air and more bread on every truck that leaves our warehouses.

Fleet management

We are using more climate friendly trucks, and we are pilot testing high-capacity vehicles to transport more bread on a truck load and thereby drive less kilometres.


We are optimizing our inventory at our warehouses, and we are consolidating warehouses across borders to enhance efficiency and save resources.


We are running projects on how to optimize our routing process across borders to reduce CO2 emissions.

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