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Lantmännen Unibake are looking for talents

18/05/2018 12:12

Meet one of our talents Demis Karciauskas

At Lantmännen Unibake our aspirations for excellence are high. We know from experience that it takes a joint effort to reach our goals and our employees are the most important ingredients. This is exactly why it is key that we get the right candidates to join our team.

Right now we are looking for talents to join usand grow with us in Unibake - and there are many exciting opportunities to develop your career within Unibake. A good example of how career paths evolve in Lantmännen Unibake is Demis Karciauskas.

From Cleaner to Master Planner

Demis Karciauskas studied Value Chain Management at VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark, and while he was studying he got a job working as a cleaner at our bakery in Hatting. This was in 2010, and it was the first step on his career path in Unibake.

“I supported myself through college by working part time as a Cleaner at Lantmännen Unibake’s bakery in Hatting. That’s where I got the first taste of working for Unibake. And as part of my studies it felt natural to extend that relationship by applying for an internship at Lantmännen Unibake, where I focused on the roll-out of LEAN in the organization. It was a huge project. We thought we would be able to change the entire culture of the company within three months. We didn’t, but we learned a lot.”

After the internship Demis advanced quickly within the organization, and he moved on to work as Hygiene Manager, Production Manager and Master Planner in the supply chain for the frozen part of the business.

“I loved the job as Master Planner, and I never thought I was going to leave it.”

From one dream job to another – and a third

After a year as Master Planner in the distribution Demis got an offer he couldn’t refuse: A position in Unibake International as Business Process Manager.

“It was an exciting time with a lot of travelling. I got to visit Unibake’s bakeries all over the world, and it gave me a unique insight in to the different cultures in the bakeries all over the world.”

Demis has always had a fascination of how he could work on improving the status quo, and he is going to bring that focus with him in his new role as Operations Excellence Manager in Lantmännen Unibake Denmark & Germany. A job he started in April 2018.

“My new role is going to be as a sort of change manager who helps and supports the Danish business to the best of my abilities. Our CSI (edit: cost saving initiatives) foundation is ‘better, faster, cheaper’. We always have to look for opportunities to strengthen our organization and work smarter and more systematic. My mindset is that we can always do better. It is important that we develop as people, and it is important that we develop as an organization as well.”

An exciting place to work with good opportunities to grow

Demis recommend others to pursue a career with Unibake.

“Unibake is a company that is great at discovering talents within the organization and help them grow. I highly recommend Unibake as an exciting place to work with good opportunities to advance. Unibake is in the middle of a rapid development, and it is an exciting journey to be part of. We have a mission called ‘Towards Billions of Smiling Tummies’, and it says a lot about how ambitious we are, and where we are going. Unibake is an excellent company and I highly recommend a career with Unibake.”

Interested in a career with Unibake? Find out about our vacancies and apply for jobs at Lantmännen Unibake.

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