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"I knew I was going to end up being an engineer of some sort. I always took things apart in the house when I was young and worked on cars with my father in the garage. He’s in motorsports."

Tom Mitson

"I dreamt of teaching as a childIt was the thought of inspiring others to realize new things. Even though I never became a teacher finding motivation in other people and being able to motivate them is something I enjoy in my current workI like to see my team shine and coach them into performing at an even higher level where we all succeed. To develop and be energized together is to me the essence of belonging to a team."

Kati Haapa

"I remember my first days in Unibake Finland Frozen. I quite quickly noticed that the hierarchy here is very flat. I can tell my manager and his manager things as they are. It makes my job so much easier that we don’t have to follow protocol all the time."

Ville Teelahti

"The best career advice I have ever received came from a store manager at the supermarket I worked in earlier in my career – and where I later became store manager myself. He told me to treat all people well and make sure that everybody gets the same level of service because you never know who your next customer will be."

Terje Øyrås

"I have what you could describe as a somewhat odd profile for being in the food industry. But after working in the food industry for some years now I can’t imagine working with anything else – it is exciting, challenging and nerdy."

Anne Dissing Dæncker

News & Medien

Lantmännen Unibake

Wir sind stolz darauf, einer der führenden europäischen Anbieter von hochwertigen Backwaren für Einzelhändler, Großhändler und die Lebensmittelbranche zu sein.

Unsere leidenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter arbeiten in 36 Bäckereien in ganz Europa, den USA und Australien. Wir bieten eine breite Palette von Marken, Produkten und Lösungen für professionelle Kunden und Verbraucher. Hier erhalten Sie noch mehr Fakten.

Wir sind im Besitz von 25.000 schwedischen Landwirten über die Lantmännen-Gruppe und verpflichten uns, Verantwortung für unser Handeln vom Ackerboden bis auf den Teller zu übernehmen.

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Tine Greve 
Global Communications Director
Lantmännen Unibake
Tel: +45 42 82 21 76  
Email: tine.greve@lantmannen.com 


Tora Zeijlon
Press Manager 
Tel: +46 70 7838093
Email: press@lantmannen.com

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