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Serving Suggestions

Not only is each of our sweet pastries a delicious treat in its own right, they are also highly versatile.  Whether for a point of difference, menu refresh, or special occasion, there are many opportunities for tailoring.

Vanilla Creme Crown with raspberries

Seasonal Solutions

Why not try topping a Vanilla Creme Crown with raspberries or strawberries during the summer months, or with chocolate mini eggs at Easter to create an Easter basket.

Cinnamon Swirls dessert

Decadent Desserts

For a more indulgent, dessert offering, try serving sweet pastries with extra toppings, sticky sauces or ice cream.


Perfect Pairings

Hot drinks that make perfect pairings with sweet pastries include:

  • An espresso with a sweet Maple Pecan Plait
  • A cappucino or hot chocolate with an All-Butter Croissant
  • Tea with a Vanilla Creme Crown

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