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Americana collaborates with influential blogger Burger Lad to reveal that 69% of your burger is bun.

Research has revealed that on average 69% of the burger is bun[5], making it an integral part of every burger meal; so outlets need to ensure their buns are up to both customer and industry standards, and maximize on sales, by trading up to its Gourmet range.

Over 100 burgers were measured from a range of different outlets and included fast food, premiumised, and high end gourmet burgers.

Several measurements of each burger were taken (to the nearest mm) to establish the average burger’s filling to bun ratio. The research revealed that on average a staggering 69% of the burger is made up of the bun[6].

The bun is the first thing you notice when you go to eat your burger, and it says a lot about the type of burger you are eating. The majority of the cheaper, fast food options we saw had a flatter, smaller, sesame seed bun. Not very exciting, but it does the job at the lower end of the burger scale.

 To conduct the research, the Americana brand teamed up with burger expert, Simon Dukes, a.k.a ‘Burger Lad’. Commenting on the findings, Dukes said: “This campaign provides further proof that operators need to do all they can to make their burger offering stand out in a hugely competitive market.

When it comes to the opinions of pubs, restaurants and consumers, further research found 83%[7] of pubs and restaurateurs and 84%[8] of consumers agree that a high quality bun is a key characteristic of a gourmet burger. Furthermore, consumers on average are willing to pay up to £1.25 more for their burger to come in a gourmet bun[9], making this a profitable opportunity for outlets.

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