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Americana Collaborates with DJ BBQ to Supply Quality & Grow Burger Sales

BBQ specialist and burger lover, DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson) has joined forces with Americana to review current burger trends and applications and provide his take on how outlets can deliver exceptional gourmet burger options. The aim is to help pubs and restaurants drive sales of the menu item diners are most likely to order – burgers. To do this, Americana and DJ BBQ will advise how operators can stay on-trend and relevant to diners, and improve their reputation to increase repeat visitation, whilst ultimately maximising the overall dining experience and driving more profit.



Why are burgers so important to get right?

  • 77% are likely to order a burger in a pub or restaurant monthly or more regularly

  • Quality ingredients isthe most important factor when choosing a burger

  • 89% want their burger served in a high-quality bun

  • 69% agree or strongly agree that a quality burger is the mark of a good pub or restaurant

  • 66% would be put off returning to a pub or restaurant after eating a disappointing burger




Tapping into key flavour trends, DJ BBQ has helped develop three ‘rocking’ (his words!) burger recipes, which he claims should feature on every burger menu:






Stevenson comments on the partnership and research: “I’m stoked to be working with Americana – a brand that shares the same passion as me for great quality food and ingredients.

“I cut my teeth working in kitchens and now cater at festivals every summer serving 3,000 burgers a weekend. The most important element of any burger – which is supported by Americana’s latest research – is the quality of ingredients. From using high-welfare meat and fresh fillings to selecting the bun that is going to deliver the best taste experience, but also hold its own with all those juices. That’s what keeps my customers coming back year after year and telling me my burgers are the best they’ve tasted.

“To me there’s nothing worse than being served a burger in a dry bun, that falls apart when you try to eat it.  You don’t get that with Americana. You get a full-flavoured, perfectly textured bun, that no matter the filling, it stays together. Not only do Americana burger buns taste great, but they look great too – helping to deliver the ultimate gourmet burger experience. Which, if executed well, operators can charge more for, whilst still providing excellent value for money.”


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