National Burger Awards

On 20th February 2019 we see the return of the National Burger Awards, where finalists from restaurants around the country will create award winning burgers in a competition to win the title of Best Burger. 

At Americana we are passionate about making burgers to the highest standards, from the fillings and the sides, to the biggest component the burger bun. We believe that every element of the burger is important, especially the bun which makes up 69% of the burger (*Burger Lad Research, 2018).


There are clear signs that the UK burger market is going from strength to strength, and to support this at Americana we always ensure our burger bun offering of the highest quality and is up to date with the latest trends.

Three of our Gourmet Burger Buns range will be featured in the competition, and we are very excited to see the latest innovation and creative ideas from the industry’s best chefs.


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