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wholesale burger buns

Wholesale Burger Buns

Americana supplies the best quality wholesale Burger buns in Europe. We supply Burger buns to establishments of every kind and fulfill wholesale orders of every size. Our Burger buns is made using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a wholesome taste for your.

69% of the average burger is the Burger Bun*

Your burger could be the most delicious in the world, but without a proper burger bun, your customers won’t enjoy it very much. Americana’s wholesale burger buns will add that extra punch to your burger buns and get your customers rushing back for more.

We understand that a good burger takes time. That’s why we take the time with our burger bun. We want them to be as serious as the burgers they’ll be a part of.

burger insights - 69% of a burger is bun burger insights - 71% of pubs and restaurants serve gourmet burger buns already burger insights - trading up to gourmet burger buns can maximise sales

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Todays customers want Gourmet Burger Buns and QUALITY

In the many decades that it has existed, Americana has always believed in serving its customers. It doesn’t matter where the customer is from, or what size their order is, they will always be a priority to us. We espouse this principle at every stage of the production process, from the ingredients we use in our products to the packaging we put them in. It is also there in our company structure in every way, from the tools and techniques we use to the employees who work for us.

Our ingredients are not only fresh, but also of the highest quality. They are sourced from the very best environmentally friendly farms in the world. We also employ the best tools and techniques to transform them into world class baked products. We are also committed to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. We never use GMO ingredients in our products and our tools and techniques are eco-friendly.

We have the capacity to service an order no matter what the size. As the second largest bakery in Europe, there isn’t an order we can’t service. We have dealt with every kind of client over the years since our inception, including large 5 star hotels, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, and even corner cafes. No matter where you’re ordering from or what size your order is, we’ll be able to meet it.

We also maintain the same level of quality across all our orders no matter what the size. We have mastered the art of artisan baking on a large scale.

*Burger Lad Research – January 2018

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