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Wholesale Gourmet Fast Food Breads

The Gourmet Trend is Growing 

Here at Americana, we understand that in the fast food world, it’s all about speed and convenience. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure we are capable of meeting all your needs as far as gourmet fast food breads is concerned. We package and sell all types of gourmet burger buns and hotdog rolls and use only the highest quality ingredients and techniques so your customers get it hot and fresh on the go.

Even with our fast food speciality wholesale orders, our approach is that of gourmet baked products. If fast food had existed in the time of kings, then our gourmet range would have been fit for kings.

Customer demands are increasing

Here at Americana, we hold fast to the philosophy of the customer. The customer is our number one priority. They are at the heart of everything we do and our primary focus is to deliver the best quality to them. Whether it’s the ingredients or the packaging, only the best raw materials are used to produce our baked goods, thereby ensuring that they are world class. We also ensure we have a stable business structure so every employee is dedicated to this philosophy and works by its principles.

Our ingredients come fresh from the best environmentally friendly farms in the world. They are the best quality you will find anywhere. We also strive to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We never use GMO ingredients in our products and all of the tools and techniques used in our production processes are eco-friendly.

We are currently the second largest bakery in Europe, and are growing bigger every day. We have grown our capacity to epic proportions, enabling us to service any order regardless of its size. We have worked with all manner of clients in the past, including hospitals, schools, and supermarkets, and managed to deliver without skimping on quality. Whatever size your order, Americana will not fail to deliver the best quality.

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