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New Gluten Free Burger Bun & Seeded Slider Bun

04/11/2016 16:45

Tapping into consumer demand for exciting and versatile breads and buns, we have launched two new Americana products:

 Burgers continue to be a must-have meal option on menus whether eating out or even cooking at home.  The total out of home burger market is worth £5.9bn, with an almost even split in spend between fast food and burger restaurant chains[1]. Burger buns have played an integral part in the rise of the burger and consumers continue to be enticed by great quality ingredients and the visual presentation of the meal - greatly enhanced by the bun. The burger category has recently seen brands and outlets becoming more creative with their burger offering to ensure they stay on-trend and relevant to keep customers coming back for more.

Americana Gluten Free Burger Bun

The free-from market is currently worth £365m[2] and is set to increase as more people are consuming gluten free products and looking for healthy alternatives to carbohydrates and wheat.  With more menus incorporating gluten free options and with burgers consistently a firm favourite, we have seen an opportunity to launch a gluten free burger bun.  The NEW Americana Gluten Free Burger Bun is supplied frozen, pre-sliced, topped with sesame seeds and most importantly individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination, as well as reducing wastage. This is an ideal product for outlets who are looking to appeal to health-focused consumers as well as those with gluten intolerances.

Americana Seeded Slider Bun

Gourmet burgers have taken the UK burger market by storm but what else can outlets and wholesalers do to stand out from the crowd? We have come up with an on-trend, versatile, mini solution that will create excitement and add a point of difference on menus. The NEW Americana Seeded Slider Buns are topped with sesame seeds and can be served with a variety of fillings as a bite-sized snack, sharing platter, children’s meal or even a canapé, allowing for a versatile menu offering.

“It’s great to see burgers continuing to dominate menus so it is integral for outlets to make sure their bun offering is on-trend and stands out from the crowd” Strategic New Product Developer Rick Wilson continues. “Introducing gluten free buns is an exciting arena for Lantmännen Unibake UK to play in and we’re confident the new Americana Gluten Free Burger Bun will help to attract more customers.  The Americana Seeded Slider Buns will excite consumers due to their versatility and will allow outlets to be even more creative with their burger offerings”.

[1] M&C Allegra Foodservice | Burger Brand Analysis, September 2015

[2] Mintel, Free From Foods UK, November 2014


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