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Serving Suggestions

Not only is each of our sweet pastries a delicious treat in its own right, they are also highly versatile.  Whether for a point of difference, menu refresh, or special occasion, there are many opportunities for tailoring.

Fulfilling Fillings

Fulfilling Fillings

To make the most of your bakery products, there are a number of fillings which you can be inspired by. Take a look at our great range of croissant fillings to turn a classic continental croissant into a pastry with a twist.

Be inspired by our croissants with a twist
Mini Signature Selection Afternoon Tea

A Modern Twist on the Classic Afternoon Tea

Our Schulstad Bakery Solutions Mini Signature Selection is an innovative range of bite-sized Danish pastries which make the ideal modern twist on the classic afternoon tea.

Find out more about our range of minis
Vanilla Creme Crown with raspberries

Seasonal Solutions

Why not try topping a Vanilla Creme Crown with raspberries or strawberries during the summer months, or with chocolate mini eggs at Easter to create an Easter basket.

Fall in love with our Valentine's Day inspired Brioche Burgers.

Take a look at our Petrified Pastries 'How To' videos for Halloween:

Cinnamon Swirls dessert

Decadent Desserts

For a more indulgent, dessert offering, try serving sweet pastries with extra toppings, sticky sauces or ice cream.


Perfect Pairings

Did you know that Latte remains the UK's favourite coffee beverage (source: Allegra Strategies, 2013)? 

Other hot drinks that make perfect pairings with sweet pastries include: 

  • An espresso with a sweet Maple Pecan Plait
  • A cappucino or hot chocolate with an All-Butter Croissant
  • English Breakfast tea with an Apple & Custard Lattice
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