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2013 Bread Barometer Survey: The Future of Bakery is Freshly Baked

18/11/2013 17:41
  • Demand for freshly baked bakery products has increased by 20% since 2011
  • Quality influences bakery purchases for 87% of consumers
  • Eating on-the-go continues to significantly influence the market


The key to delivering against consumer demand and unlocking the revenue potential of bakery is to offer freshly baked goods, according to NEW research conducted by Lantmännen Unibake.


The 2013 Bread Barometer, which surveyed respondents across five European countries, revealed that in the UK, freshly baked is seen as the most important reason for buying bakery products. 35% of respondents cited this as their primary reason for purchase, a 20% increase in two years that marks the growing importance of freshly baked amongst today’s consumers.


76% of respondents said that it is important that bakery products are freshly baked and 73% said they are tempted to buy bakery products when they smell fresh baking in the outlet. Using the aroma of bake-off products, including sweet and savoury pastries, croissants, sweet treats and speciality breads, entices consumers into the in-store bakery or outlet and is therefore key to driving sales.


Kate Raison, Marketing Director at Lantmännen Unibake UK, says: “The Bread Barometer research has provided us with in-depth bakery insight into consumer priorities and eating habits that retailers and caterers can benefit from. There is a clear need for high quality bakery fixtures that deliver a range of freshly baked goods throughout the day in line with demand.


“To overlook the importance of freshly baked would be to miss out on the revenue opportunity it presents.


“Operators should instead look to capitalise on the findings of the research. For example, buying in high quality frozen bakery items that are quick to bake-off straight from frozen, and made using specialist techniques, will allow operators to bake-off small batches during the day to meet consumer demand and provide maximum freshness, which in turn can drive profits.”


Demand for quality remains high on the list of consumer priorities, with 87% of respondents citing taste as an important factor that drives purchase at the bakery fixture. Taste trumps health for 40% of respondents, whilst price promotions and in-store offers are becoming less of a priority, with 41% of respondents citing quality as more important than price and good offers.


Driven by increasingly busy lifestyles, the trend for eating on-the-go continues to move at a pace. According to the research, 61% of consumers stress the importance of easy-to-handle bakery products and 20% eat more meals and snacks on-the-go than they did two to three years ago. This trend is particularly prevalent amongst the younger demographic, as 42% of 18-34 year olds eat more meals and snacks than they did two to three years ago, rising from 35% in 2011.


Breakfast on-the-go remains a hot revenue stream, with 11% of respondents purchasing breakfast on-the-go at least once a week and 22% at least once a month. Again the 18-34 year-old market sits central to this, with 47% eating breakfast on-the-go at least once every four weeks. Our Bakehouse-branded Viennoiserie range, including favourites such as the All-Butter Croissant, Pain Chocolat and Pain Raisin, are ideal on-the-go breakfast items which perfectly partner a morning cup of tea or coffee.


“Many of us feel busier than ever and as such we need high quality, hand-holdable products that can be eaten with minimal fuss and maximum convenience when on-the-move,” continues Raison. “Eating on-the-go is becoming increasingly habitual, so retailers and caterers need to focus on food-to-go or risk being left behind in a competitive market. Bread products, such as baguettes, paninis and ciabatta rolls, work well for busy consumers in need of a quick, convenient lunchtime option that does not sacrifice on quality. Schulstad-branded Danish Pastries and Bakehouse-branded Savouries, such as the Cheese Twist and Tomato and Cheese Swirly, are also great for grab-and-go throughout the day.”


Raison concludes: “The Bread Barometer – now in its third year – continues to provide insight into consumer attitudes and purchasing habits in a market that continually evolves. The key to bakery success for retailers and caterers is to keep ahead of the curve and invest in solutions designed to meet demand. We will continue to use the research to inform our new product development and look forward to seeing what results our research will reveal in 2014.”


Click here to see our bread barometer infographic.

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