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Wholesale Stone Baked Bread

Wholesale Stone Baked Bread

If you’re committed to giving your customers healthy baked products, then nothing beats wholesome stone baked bread. Schulstad Bakery Solutions wholesale stone baked bread are full of nothing but delicious flavor and healthy ingredients. We bake and package our stone baked breads to fit your needs.

Stone baked like it should be

Stone baked is how all artisan baked bread should be. Such bread isn’t hurried at all, but given enough time to rise to its full potential. With slow proofing and other classical bread making techniques being applied, the bread is guaranteed to have a deep flavor on the inside while maintaining a reliable crustiness on the outside.

It’s quite difficult to produce stone baked bread on a large scale. However, with Schulstad Bakery Solutions revolutionary new facilities, this has been made possible without compromising the quality or the flavor of the bread. We are proud to say that we can meet your wholesale stone baked bread needs no matter what the size of your order is.

Schulstad Bakery Solutions has always been committed excellence in everything that we do. It’s in our DNA. From the very first ingredient that goes into our products to the very last step, we strive to ensure that very high standards of quality are met.

Only the best is good enough

We source our ingredients from the best environmentally friendly farms around the world. These are farms that are committed to producing non-GMO crops and that adhere to high quality standards. Whatever we put into the products we deliver to you is not only fresh, but also healthy. We also use eco-friendly tools and techniques in our production processes in a bid to stay true to our commitment to preserving the environment.

Schulstad Bakery Solutions has also made a large investment in the facilities and workforce necessary to ensure we have the capacity to meet orders of any size. We are currently the second largest bakery in Europe. In the many decades since our inception, we have served different clients of all types and sizes, including schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, corner shops and grocery stores. No matter what the size of your order, rest assured that we have the capacity to meet it.

You might be wondering how we can maintain such high quality standards on a large scale. We are one of the few bakeries in the world that have perfected the art of artisan baking on a large scale. Our passionate bakers develop the product before placing it on a line capable of large scale production. They watch over the whole process, however, in order to ensure that quality isn’t compromised.

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