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Baking Advice


Top tip: Always adjust the temperature and not the time.

  • A perfectly baked pastry should have an even dark golden colour across the base.
  • If there is a pale spot in the middle of the base, it is under-baked. Therefore increase your oven temperature.
  • If the base is very brown all over, it is over-baked. Therefore reduce your oven temperature.

Bake-off products enable our customers to bake on-site to match demand and minimise wastage, as well as creating 'theatre' and an irresistible freshly baked aroma.

  • All products are supplied frozen, so can be stored in your freezer until required.
  • No preparation is required - bake straight from frozen.
  • Baking instructions are supplied on the outer case.
  • Little or no finishing is required.
  • Any toppings required are supplied inside the case.
  • All of our Schulstad Bakery Solutions Royal Danish Pastries are supplied ReadyGlazed, so there is no need for time-consuming hand-glazing after baking.

Thaw and Serve:

Our range of thaw and serve products provide maximum convenience.  Simply lay them out on a tray to thaw, for the time stated on the outer case label.  They are then ready to fill, serve or display.

Baking Advice

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