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Lantmännen Unibake UK Launches NEW Cheese Swirl

16/09/2015 17:30

Leading bakery supplier Lantmännen Unibake UK have acted on the “on-the-go” macro trend and increased consumer demand for hand-held savoury snacks, with the launch of their .


According to the latest figures, value sales of ISB savouries have risen in the UK by 6.9% over the last year to £15.7m and unit sales have grown by 6.1% YOY to £20.9m.[1]. This trend represents a significant revenue opportunity for wholesalers looking to provide must-stock, hand-held savoury solutions for customers.


The trend for snacking and eating on-the-go continues to grow as time-pressed consumers look for quick and easy-to-eat options that provide maximum convenience. In the Lantmännen Unibake Bread Barometer survey, 20% of respondents said that they now eat more meals and snacks on the go than they did 2-3 years ago.[2]


Ian Harris, Head of Marketing, Lantmännen Unibake UK says: “We know that consumers are looking for more indulgent snacks and our new Cheese Swirl is the ideal grab and go option throughout the day. We’ve brought this delicious, savoury, hand-holdable product to the market to allow a range of establishments to benefit from the snacking trend. With the added option to slice, fill and serve the Cheese Swirl as part of a sandwich range, operators can also capitalize on the desire for specialty breads as alternative sandwich carriers, adding choice and versatility to the menu at the same time.”


The has a delicious cheese filling in an enriched soft dough swirl, topped with grated cheese for a superior flavour. Ideal for operators and retailers looking to offer a convenient, on-the-go, savoury, mid-morning or afternoon snack. The Cheese Swirl can also be sliced, filled and served as an innovative sandwich carrier or soup accompaniment.


[1] Nielsen Scantrack 52 wks to 18th July 2015

[2] Lantmännen Unibake Bread Barometer Survey, 2013

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