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Wholesale Plain Croissants

Wholesale Plain Croissants

Give your customers something to talk about with delicious wholesale plain croissants. Nothing beats what we have to offer in terms of plain croissants of all kinds. We supply wholesale orders of all sizes from cafes and corner shops to large 5 star hotels all over Europe.

Meet Piet Van Beveren – The King of Croissants!

Plain Croissants – A timeless treat!

There’s something captivating and alluring about plain croissants that makes them a timeless treat. The way they’re shaped; the way they taste; the range of versatility they offer in terms of when, how, and where they can be eaten. They can be topped off with a lot of different things and still remain just as delicious. That’s what makes them so popular as a food that you’ll find them nearly everywhere, from the corner restaurant to the 5 star hotel.

Schulstad Bakery Solutions line of plain croissants is designed to give your guests and customers an explosive burst of flavor in their mouths that they will never forget. They will be asking for seconds and will want to know the secret to that magical taste. We keep them frozen baked or par-baked so you can do whatever you want with them. It doesn’t matter what you’re making; if a plain croissant is involved, Schulstad Bakery Solutions has the best.

Meet Piet Van Beveren – The King of Croissants!

Only the best is good enough!

If you want nothing but the best quality, then look no farther than Schulstad Bakery Solutions. We have a reputation for providing the best quality when it comes to baked wholesale plain croissants and go to great lengths to maintain this reputation.

Consider the ingredients. We don’t just use any ingredients in our products. One grain of wheat isn’t as good as another for us. We pick only the best ingredients from the best environmentally friendly farms in the world, and only at their freshest.

We also do not use GMO crops. We employ eco-friendly tools and eco-friendly techniques in our production process. All this is part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint in a bid to conserve the environment.

We are also heavily invested in capacity. We are currently Europe’s second largest bakery. No matter what the size of your order, trust us when we say that we can deliver. We have served all kinds of clients in the past, from hospitals to corner shops. We also never skimp on quality, despite the size of a particular order. Our bakers have mastered the art of artisan baking on large scale.

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