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Wholesale Danish Pastry Crowns

Wholesale Danish Pastry Crowns

Our Royal Danish Pastry is recognized all over the world because of its authentic light, flaky texture and melt-in-the-mouth taste. Supplied ReadyGlazed for your convenience, our Schulstad Bakery Solutions Royal Danish pastry is a must-stock range.

Meet Mogens - The Duke of Danish

There is nothing like Danish Pastries!

Nothing beats Danish pastries in terms of flavour and elegance. We take special care when preparing our Danish pastry crowns to use only the highest quality butter. The texture is slightly flaky and the taste sweet and buttery. Combine this with an enthralling aroma and your customers won’t be able to resist your treats!

Schulstad Bakery Solutions Danish pastry crowns come frozen with options for fillings and decorations so that all you have to do once you receive them is defrost them and serve them fresh throughout the day!

We have always had a deep commitment to quality here at Schulstad Bakery Solutions. That is what has made us unique and kept us going in the industry. In fact, we have not only kept going, but flourished. We are now one of the industry leaders in Europe as well as around the world.

Our passion for Danish pastry crowns starts with the very ingredients we use to make our products. We don’t just take any grain of wheat; we take only the very best grains of wheat from around the world. That way you can be sure that you are buying only the very best wholesale danish pastry crowns from us.

Meet Mogens – The Duke of Danish!

We work closely with the best environmentally friendly farms in the world when sourcing our ingredients. They come in at the highest quality and are very fresh so your Danish pastry crowns can be very fresh as well.

We also have a strong commitment to conserving the environment. We never use any GMO crops products and our tools and techniques in the production processes are all eco-friendly.

We are the second largest bakery in Europe. That means we are able to consistently deliver the quality we are well known for, even on a large scale. We have served clients of all types and sizes: hospitals, schools, five star hotels, restaurants and even corner shops. So whatever the size of your order, fear not; it will be delivered with an unfailing quality that both you and your customers will appreciate.

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