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Wholesale maple pecan plait

Wholesale Pecan Plait

Schulstad Bakery Solutions supplies the best quality wholesale pecan plait in Europe. Our pecan plait is made using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a wholesome taste for your customers and their ultimate satisfaction. We supply pecan plait to establishments of every kind.

Meet Mogens - The Duke of Danish!

The Danish never fail to surprise us with their beautiful pastry. Another of their classics are the pecan and lattice plaits, which taste just as delicious as they sound. Wow your customers with these excellent Danish pastries after getting them in wholesale amounts from Schulstad Bakery Solutions. We have been exporting them around the world for the past decade. We certainly know a thing or two!

With Danish pastries, patience, skill, and recipe are the key. Our artisan bakers certainly take their time using the best recipes in the world to prepare our wholesale pecan plait. And they definitely aren’t lacking for skill as they are the best in the world.

See the video about our Maple Pecan Plait and where the ingredients come from

The Duke of Danish ensures high quality

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s one crucial thing you must do to ensure you keep your customers: quality. There must be quality in everything you do. The people you hire should be of the highest quality. Likewise for the ingredients you put into your products and the tools and techniques you put into your product. Quality should flow through the veins of your entire organization from the bottom, right to the top.

We live by that belief and operate according to its principles every day here at Schulstad Bakery Solutions. We ensure quality is in everything we do. Our ingredients are top quality ingredients. After all, you won’t get great products without great ingredients. Our processes too are top quality. We also ensure we maintain the environment around us. We only source our ingredients from organic farms and never use GMO ingredients. Even the tools and techniques we employ are of the best quality.

Meet Mogens – The Duke of Danish!

We have mastered the art of maintaining this quality on a large scale. We are capable of delivering wholesale orders of any size without skimping on quality. We have served hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and even corner shops, all with the same consistency. It is by remaining committed to this code of quality in everything we do that we have managed to become the second largest bakery in Europe.

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