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Wholesale Speciality Pastry

Wholesale Speciality Pastry

Schulstad Bakery Solutions supplies the best quality wholesale speciality pastry in Europe. We supply speciality pastries to establishments of every kind and fulfill wholesale orders of every size. Our speciality pastries is made using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure great taste. 

Your customers want to feel special!

Nothing says elegance like speciality pastries. Here at Schulstad Bakery Solutions, we know and bake them all. If you’re looking to impress your customers with some speciality pastries, then look no further; Schulstad Bakery Solutions will sort out all your needs and have your customers licking their fingers and asking for more.

Our speciality pastries are just what the name suggests: special. With every wholesale order, we infuse a bit of Schulstad Bakery Solutions magic to give them a signature personality.

Look around the world and you will realize that the most successful brands have one major thing in common. It really doesn’t matter what industry they’re in. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling. They consistently deliver one thing to their customers no matter what market they’re operating in: quality. This is a must if you’re going to build a positive brand image with your customers. Your employees should be the very best; your raw materials and ingredients should be fit to be used in world class products; your tools and techniques should be of the highest quality. Quality should be the bedrock upon which you build your company and should flow from the top management to the lowest employee.

Schulstad Bakery Solutions has always believed in that school of thought, and we have maintained quality in everything we do. Consider our ingredients, for example. We ensure we put only the highest quality ingredients in our products. From the wheat to the vegetable oil, nothing but the best goes into the bread and pastries we produce at our bakery. We also like to maintain the quality of our environment at high standards and so we have a long standing commitment to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. We source our ingredients from organic farms and never use GMO crops in our recipes. We also ensure all the tools and techniques used in our production processes are eco-friendly. All this while still delivering the high quality on a large scale.

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