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Wholesale Ciabatta

Wholesale Ciabatta

Give your sandwiches the bread they deserve with our wholesome ciabatta. We deliver all over Europe and are known to produce the highest quality baked products in the region. With our ciabatta, your customers won’t be able to stop licking their fingers!

Classic Italian Ciabatta feeling

The Italians were kind enough to give us Ciabatta the first time. Schulstad Bakery Solutions is proud to continue the tradition and give it to the world again and again. We use only the best recipes and techniques to prepare our wholesale ciabatta, ensuring the bread stays light and bursting with flavour. Starting out, the dough is wet. It is then allowed to slowly rise so that the yeast has enough time to work.

Our ciabatta has a reputation for being delightfully chewy and can hardly be beaten in terms of softness. The outward appearance is both solid and rusty, ensuring the taste buds will be fired up on sight of this delicious bread.

Only the Best Ingredients for our Wholesale Ciabatta

We source only the best ingredients from all over the world and have a strong commitment to keeping everything we do environment friendly. That is why we only work with environmentally friendly farms that go back to nature. Our breads are both fresh and long lasting, promising a long shelf life and a fresh sandwich once you’re ready to use them.

Our ciabattas are capable of taking any kind of sandwich fillings and maintaining their firmness without going soggy or falling apart, holding in the flavors and giving your customers the snack or appetizer of their lives.

Together with Lantmännen Unibake, Schulstad Bakery Solutions is not only the second largest bakery in the European region, but also have a well preserved reputation of maintaining the highest quality and baking standards across all of its products. We have the required capacity to serve all types of clients in all types of industries, from the caterer in the corner store to the 5-star hotel.

We believe that no matter how large a bakery is, it should never skimp on quality. In that spirit, we practice artisan baking at all of our bakeries to bring you only the best baked products that your customers will surely be able to appreciate. Most of our product recipes are handmade by the best bakers you’ll ever meet in any part of the world. We also work closely with our suppliers to make sure only the best quality ingredients go into the product you receive.

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