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Wholesale Panini

Wholesale Panini

With the right bread, like a panini, a simple meal can turn into a heavenly experience. Our delicious paninis feature soft and delicious interiors wrapped in crusty exteriors to give every meal the traditional Italian magic of a panini. Whether you’re adding meat, cheese vegetables or plenty of different sauces, our paninis can take it without so much as a crumble!


Wholesale Panini – The perfect snack to-go

Paninis have always been a favourite. With a range of flavours like no other, they are particularly popular as casual snacks or something you have for lunch. We make them in all kinds of flavours here at Schulstad Bakery Solutions: Ham and cheddar, Swedish Meatballs, and even BBQ Chicken. They are fresh, ready to eat, and can easily be served either hot or cold. You can easily heat them in a few minutes if you have a panini press.

Are you looking to keep your wastage down? Then you’ll love our frozen wholesale panini option. These are perfect for catering that involves high volumes, such as in schools or large hotels. If you have a combi oven you can cook them easily from frozen. Alternatively, you can defrost and heat them in a panini press.

We care for environment and quality

We like to keep our environment clean and well preserved. We also like to make sure that all the ingredients used to make the paninis that arrive at your establishment are not only fresh, but also of the highest quality. Combine these two and you understand why we only work with the best environmentally friendly farms from around the world when sourcing our ingredients. We also make sure we use eco-friendly tools and techniques so every product you buy from us has done its part in conserving the environment.

Something else we have a solid reputation for is our ability to serve large scale orders of any size. Whether you’re a small corner café buying a few burger buns or a large 5 star restaurant buying large quantities of sandwich bread, you’ll get the same high quality. In the many decades we’ve been in operation, the industry has been fiercely competitive. However, we have not only managed to stay afloat but also to stay ahead. We are now the second largest bakery in Europe. Whatever your needs, we have the capacity to fulfill them without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

Our artisan bakers have perfected the art of producing perfect products on a large scale. They produce large scale but with small scale quality. We don’t believe in turning bakeries into assembly lines and are one of the few bakeries that prove every day that artisan baking can be done on a large scale. Try our products and see for yourself!

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