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Wholesale Raw Dough

Wholesale Raw Dough

We distribute raw dough so that you can make whatever baked product you wish to. Our wholesale raw dough is not only consistent and of a high quality, but also long lasting and easy to knead, making it suitable for high volume catering needs as well low volume ones. 

Unleash your Creativity with Wholesale Raw Dough

Are you looking to unleash your own creativity with the rough work done for you already? Do you want to prepare your own baked products without having to prepare the dough from scratch yourself? Schulstad Bakery Solutions wholesale raw dough will come to your rescue.

Our frozen raw dough needs to be fully baked and even needs time for proofing and rising, giving you the opportunity to make something from scratch without having to start from scratch. Whatever kinds of bread you’re looking to offer your customers, and whatever menu items you’re looking to include them in, Schulstad Bakery Solutions wholesale raw dough will give you something to smile about.

Great bread is guaranteed!

The dough we provide is guaranteed to bake you great bread. You’ll love it and your customers will love it too. But would you like to know the why and how of this greatness?

First, the ingredients. The raw dough is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. We make sure we only get the best ingredients to make our products with. From the wheat to the vegetable oil, everything is sourced from the best environmentally friendly farms around the world. We don’t use any GMO raw ingredients in our products because we believe in not only taking care of the environment but of your body as well. We also use tools and techniques that are proven to be eco-friendly. We are proud to say that our carbon footprint is minimal.

Second, we focus on quality. Our bakers are only the best of the best. They are passionate about their work and have taken many years to learn and practice their craft, drawing education and inspiration from the industry giants that went before them. We believe that no matter what the capacity of a bakery, the quality of its products should never be compromised. And that is why we still practice artisan baking, even on a large scale.

Finally, we focus on capacity. We’ve been around for many decades, and in that time we have served customers of all sizes. From hospitals to schools to hotels to the corner shop where you get your breakfast. Our bakeries have the capacity to bring you high quality no matter what the size of your order is.

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