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Wholesale Rolls

Wholesale Rolls

Our rolls are perfect for your guests. If you’re looking for something to surprise your customers and guests with and get their appetites to a high before you offer them the main course then you can never go wrong with Schulstad Bakery Solutions wholesale rolls. 

Bring Magic to your Dinner Table with our Dinner Rolls

Whether you’re welcoming guests or serving your customers at their dinner party, we want to help you bring magic to their table with our wholesale dinner rolls. We have over a dozen different styles of wholesale rolls that we offer, each guaranteeing a happy customer.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something to add on your snacks, then you and your customers will fall in love with our sub rolls. From sandwiches to subs, make your meals worth remembering for your customers. All of this starts with picking the perfect sub roll. They are all hand scored and ready to use right off the bat!

We’re happy when you and your customers are happy. When they bite into our rolls and tell you they’ve never had something that good before. It means that the work we do every day is meaningful and adds value to the lives of our clients and our clients’ clients. But how do we manage to deliver such quality consistently?

Ingredients, trust, care and respect is high on the agenda

It all starts with the ingredients. Without the right ingredients, you will never get the right baked product. At Schulstad Bakery Solutions, we only go for the highest quality ingredients. We have two commitments as far as ingredients are concerned: they should be of high quality, and they should be eco-friendly. As a result, we only work with the best environmentally friendly farms from around the world. We also never use GMO products as ingredients and we only use eco-friendly tools and techniques in our production processes. All of this is to make sure you get the freshest ingredients going into the products that you buy and also so we can maintain our commitment to conserving the environment.

We also have the capacity to serve orders of all sizes without skimping on quality. We have been around for many decades and in that time have grown into one of the largest bakeries in Europe and around the world. No matter what size your order is, we have the capacity to service it with only high quality products.

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