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Wholesale Speciality Bread

Wholesale Speciality Bread

If you’re committed to giving your customers healthy baked products, then nothing beats wholesome speciality breads. Schulstad Bakery Solutions wholesale speciality breads are full of nothing but delicious flavor and healthy ingredients. We bake and package our speciality breads to suit your needs. 

Surprise your customers with Wholesale Speciality Bread

Whatever you’re thinking of making, chances are you’ll need bread for it. If it’s a specialty dish then you’ll need speciality breads to go along with it. You can never go wrong with Schulstad Bakery Solutions speciality breads.

We bake more than a hundred different types of speciality breads and give each a touch of the classical European touch, ensuring an authentic taste that your customers will come to love and appreciate. Whether you’re making sandwiches, burgers, or simply need table bread to entertain your guests with, Schulstad Bakery Solutions has everything you’re looking for under one roof. Our artisan bakers are well trained and use classical recipes passed down from generation to generation to keep your speciality breads tasting deliciously rustic.

The secret behind our bread

So how do we manage the deliciously rustic taste? How do we manage to keep our product at such a high quality on such a large scale? What special magic do we do in our bakeries that has put Schulstad Bakery Solutions on the map? We’ll tell you, because we value you, and we want you to understand just how much we value you.

We start with the ingredients. The very ingredients we use go through very strict standards to make sure they are only of the highest quality and they are fresh upon use. We get our ingredients from the best environmentally friendly farms around the world growing non-GMO crops. We don’t just want quality, we want environmental conservation. We therefore make sure our ingredients have the minimum possible carbon footprint they can get. We also use only eco-friendly tools and techniques in our production process to keep our own carbon footprint down.

What about size? How are we able to service large wholesale orders without compromising on quality? We are one of the few bakeries that practice artisan baking on a large scale. Our bakers are the best at what they do. They worked for many years on their skill to perfect it and are very passionate about their work. That is why they maintain such high standards of quality whether they’re preparing an order for a corner shop or a 5 star hotel.

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