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Premium sandwich carriers


If you’re committed to giving your customers healthy baked breads, then nothing beats Euro-Bake sandwich bread. Our bread is full of nothing but delicious flavor and natural ingredients.

A Sandwich bread supplier worth the Bread it comes on

If you’re going to make a sandwich worth remembering, you better give it the right kind of sandwich bread. Everyone knows that a sandwich is only as good as the bread on which it comes. Euro-Bake understands this very intimately. That’s why we take extra care to make the best sandwich bread you will find in the USA.

Our sandwich bread is firm yet soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, ensuring it can handle any kind of topping without crumbling away. The bread is full of flavor and comes in all shapes and sizes to cater for whatever kind of sandwich you want to make.

Quality and respect is the road to success

You’re probably wondering what our formula is. What is it that we do that allows us to manage such consistency quality over the long term? We’ve certainly been around for a long time. We are now the second largest bakery in all of Europe and have a reputation for delivering the highest quality products. So how is it done?

First, we get the right ingredients at their freshest and their highest quality. Each sandwich is only as good as the bread it comes on, right? Well, sandwich bread is only as good as the ingredients that went into making it. We work with the best environmentally friendly farms in the world to bring you high quality and fresh ingredients. We also never use GMO ingredients in our products, and only use eco-friendly tools and techniques in our production processes. We are committed not only to quality, but also to conserving the environment.

We have also perfected the art of delivering quality consistently on a large scale. Our bakers are passionate about their work, and took many decades to perfect their skill. They therefore want to build their reputation for producing the best products in the world. They develop each product according to tried and true recipes and techniques and then place it on a line capable of replicating the effect on a large scale. The product is then inspected closely to make sure each item meets the same high standards of quality. From sandwich bread to Danish pastries, our products are fit for kings.  

Lantmännen Unibake USA

2525 Cabot Drive
Suite 300
Lisle, IL 60532

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