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Unibake pastries


Unibake USA offers a wide selection of Danish pastries and croissants – one for every taste.  All of our pastries are pre-proofed and pre-glazed, offering you and your operation freezer-to-oven ease of preparation.  Bake only the amount you need to minimize waste and then bake throughout the day for maximum freshness to keep your customers coming back for more!

The more convenient, the bigger the growth potential

Delicious Danish Pastries and croissants

Nothing spreads love like Danish pastries and croissants. Schulstad Bakery Solutions state of the art artisan baked pastries will help you spread some genuine love to your customers no matter what size your business is. Our pastries are made using the best continental recipes and kept fresh so that you and your customers can enjoy their authentic flavor at whatever time you wish.

Whether you intend to serve them as a lunchtime snack or to include them in your signature meal or menu item, you will find Schulstad Bakery Solutions Danish pastries and croissants have a lot to offer in terms of distinct flavor and authenticity.

We have Passion for Pastry

Schulstad Bakery Solutions has always had an explicit commitment to quality. We strive to have the best quality products by employing the best quality bakers, using the best quality ingredients, and having the best quality recipes and techniques. Quality is a fundamental aspect of everything that we do.

The very ingredients that we use are sourced from the best environmentally friendly farms in the world. We make sure that the stuff that goes into our products is fresh and of good quality. We also care about the health of our clients and the conservation of the environment. We also strive to use eco-friendly tools and techniques in our production processes.

We have also made a massive investment in capacity. Our capacity is such that we can service wholesale pastries orders of any size. We’ve been around for quite a while, and in that period have grown into the second largest bakery in all of Europe. That hasn’t been by accident; after serving clients as varied as hospitals and corner shops, we understand that every customer matters and every order must be fulfilled.

Don’t get us wrong, however. We never skimp on quality, despite our penchant for large scale production. We employ only the most skilled and passionate artisan bakers and employ artisan baking from the very smallest order to the very largest. Whether you’re ordering ten pastries or a thousand, each will be fit for a king to eat.

Lantmännen Unibake USA

2525 Cabot Drive
Suite 300
Lisle, IL 60532

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