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Passion for pastry

Passion for pastry

Our range of pastries offers a delicious and profitable experience. Building on heritage, quality and innovation we deliver good business value.

With passion!

why schulstad pastries

What makes Schulstad pastries indulgently delicious?

Modern baking methods combine with the traditional, artisan techniques we've used for 135+ years for European-style pastries with wow factor.

We import our pastries from Unibake bakeries in Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Piet, the King of Croissants

Piet Van Beveren - the man behind our famous croissants.

Piet is a fifth generation baker, and grew up above his parents' bakery shop in Belgium.

Piet takes his love of baking and combines it with a strict ethos to rule over all our croissants.

Mogens, The Duke of Danish

Mogens Andersen has dedicated the past 27 years of his professional life to the craftsmanship of creating the perfect Danish pastry.

In this video, Mogens tells of what he looks for in the perfect Danish "Wienerbrød", and shares some of the secrets behind the methods he uses in our bakeries.

best ingredient pastries

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