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Pastry Trends 2019


What is going on in the bakery industry? Scroll down to read more about the latest trends in cafés and bakery aisles, and how to respond to them.

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Less is more: Growing demand for Mini Pastries

Small size gourmet offerings are more popular than ever. Customers are attracted by the promise of flavor without all the guilt.

Small sizes, a lower price point, and a range of on-trend flavors encourage customers to experiment.

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Match Makers: Coffee & Pastry

Did you know 55% of all pastry is eaten with a hot drink, and that coffee consumption is increasing both away from home and at all times a day?

Here you can read more about what pastry you should pair with what hot beverage. Get some valuable insights on how to match drinks and pastries, and watch our video on how we found the perfect pairings for our pastries.

Coffee & Pastry Pairing
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Three Reasons Consumers Buy Pastries

Understand the three motivating factors for consumers to buy pastry so that you can better target their needs.  In a landscape of endless options, you want them to choose yours!

3 reasons to buy pastries

Millennials & Gen Z are leading the way

Millennials and Gen Z are not just a large consumer category of 80 million people in the USA, but they are also early adopters who pick up new culinary trends and lead change in the bakery category. So what are the key drivers for attracting this important customer group? 

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The Future of Snacking

Snacking is no longer the occasional extra, but now it is the everyday occasion​.

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Balancing indulgence and health

• 86% agree that dining out is a time to treat themselves
• 78% agree that indulgence has to be worth the splurge
• 71% agree that they enjoy the meal without worrying about whether or not it’s good for them
• 64% order an indulgent dessert because they like to treat themselves when dining out
• 58% prefer ordering desserts enjoyed as a child
Indulgence Your Way

“Consumers dine out with specific goals to enjoy themselves, treat themselves and sample things that they do not how to make at home,” says Sharon Olson, executive director, Olson Communications. “Restaurants need to understand that consumers dine out to enjoy themselves, and the experience has to be worth the splurge.”

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Tell me a story: The value of authenticity & provenance

As foodie culture grows, Americans are becoming more and more interested in their food, and where it comes from. Telling the true story behind the brand, recipe, or ingredients does not only create transparency (read: trust) but can also increase value.

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Experimental pastries among top trends heading into 2020

Breakout by reinventing classics with all kinds of fruits and spicing up your creations using colors.

Go for that little extra indulgence!

Reinvent Your Classics!
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