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new foodie millenials

New Generation

A new generation of foodies


This group born between 1980 - 1996, are leading the way for new consumption patterns and culinary trends. Three attributes stand out as key drivers for this young generation of foodies:

  1. Freshness
  2. Variety / exotic flavors
  3. Convenience

Millennials are the largest and most-influential consumer group in the U.S. This group is highly focused on eating better-for-you items, as well as reduced portions.

Soon to be the biggest generation in the work-force...


This group born between 1997 - 2006, are pragmatic, resilient and ready for the challenge. Individualistic, empowered, true digital, and they rely on aggretators TMI is key for them. 

It's time to start planning to meet the needs of these consumers. 

These younger demographics are more tied to wholesome and clean eating when dining out, and people focusing on health often find that dining out is a challenge. 

Instragram pastries

Their Demands



The most important attribute for Millennials when shopping in retail is “freshness”. The term relates not only to when the food was prepared but also to aspects such as local production, an absence of “bad” or unknown ingredients, and minimal processing. Schulstad Answer: Indulgently delicious pastries


Millennials are attracted to new and exciting flavors, such as ethnic cuisines and spicy offerings. The younger generation is more willing to experiment and they like to mix flavors and food styles. Schulstad Answer: Mini Signature Selection


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Millennial Marketing

Who are they ?

There are roughly 80 million millennial consumers in the US born after 1980, but in reality this group is not homogeneous; there are different and unique sub-segments.

Find out more about this generation!

Millennials now live in a world where customization is the norm!


Generation C, in contrast, is a "generation" of people of all ages and lifestyles that have adapted to new technologies and incorporated them into their daily lives: they are The Connected Consumer. Some things to know about this customer: 

- Servicing generation C is all about speed

- Generation C has powerful friends

- Generation C trusts people over brands

Instagram pastries

How can Unibake help attract these consumers?

We have a wide selection of Schulstad Pastries and Euro-Bake bread rolls baked with passion according to Old World recipes but with a twist of exciting new flavors. Our products can be freshly baked off at your site to produce that wonderful smell of newly baked. We offer convenient solutions – both for your operation and for your customers. Contact us if you want to talk about how we can work together to target Millennials and grow your bakery business.

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