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Pastry serving suggestions

Not only are each of our pastries a delicious treat in its own right, Schulstad pastries are also highly versatile.  Whether for a point of difference, menu refresh, or special occasion, there are many opportunities for customizing them to make them your signature offering.

baking croissants

1. First things first: the baking classics

If pastry isn’t baked properly, all the royal treatment in the world can’t save it. Therefore, no matter what your pastry ambitions are, it is crucial to get this first step right. We have gathered some great overall tips from our chefs for you here

The baking basics

2. Basic Pastry Decorating

If you don’t have to have oceans of time to make your pastries stand out, there is still an easy way to enhance the overall experience and wow your guests.
Here’s a short video that will make you look great and still leave time for other things.

Treat them like royalty

3. Go the extra mile and Treat them like Royalty

Pastry holds a lot of possibilities! Whether it’s a savory filling, cheerful toppings or a special wrapping, you can definitely take the experience of your guests to a lofty realm by customizing your pastries. Whether you choose to go all in or focus your efforts somewhere else, it is entirely your choice.

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