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A world of pastries created with a passion


Turn up the volume

All of our croissants have 17 layers of dough and our traditional Royal Danish Pastry has 24 layers.

It's these exact numbers that create that perfect volume and mouthfeel.

Our pastry dough is laminated to 4mm thickness before baking. No more, no less is acceptable to our passionate bakers.

Pastry image

It's all about staying relaxed

Our pastry dough is given plenty of time to chill. In fact, this long resting time is what helps make our pastries unique.

A long resting time gives a stress-free dough. And stress-free dough in turn gives a crispier and more flaky pastry that remains fresh for longer.

It's like bakery meditation time.

pastry image - rising and prooving

Rise and shine like a star

When it's time to put on a show - and present their beautiful layers of dough - our pastries are given the perfect environment to perform.

Combining artisanal methods with modern technology to create the perfect rise and prove ensures our pastries always bake off to their absolute best ability.

We also use a natural glaze to finish them which ensures superstar looks once they come out of the oven.

Passion for Pastry - Schulstad - Artisan baking on a large scale

Artisan baking on a large scale

Ensuring that we stay true to our heritage of bakery craftsmanship is important for us. To learn more about how we do this - even on large scale baking lines, we have put together some of the stories for you.

See how we use artisan methods
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