Euro-Bake® is proud to announce Non-GMO Project Verification for nearly 50 breads, with another 40 products to be certified this fall. Once the next wave of certification takes place, non-GMO products will represent 75 percent of Euro-Bake sales.

“Euro-Bake is dedicated to producing high quality products made from high quality ingredients,” says Scott Rosenberg, Director of Marketing for Lantmännen Unibake USA, Inc. “As consumers request more non-GMO products, we are proud to offer a wide selection of non-GMO, clean-label breads for operators to keep up with the demand.”  

 Preserving and building the non-GMO supply chain is a critical step of transitioning toward a safe, healthy food supply for future generations.1 To obtain Non-GMO Project Verification, the Non-GMO Project evaluates product ingredients and the manufacturing facility in which they are produced.

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European Style with American Flair

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German heritage with a history of growth

German heritage with a history of growth

Euro-Bake was founded in 1993 and started as an importer of high quality bread from Germany. In 2001 the company began production in USA and a few years later the St. Petersburg bakery was constructed.

Euro-Baked joined Lantmännen Unibake in 2008 and over the years the business has grown. Euro-Bake has also seen recent investments in the bakery; in 2012 a new Welcome and R&D Center was built and in 2014 we have expanded our Artisan Loaf and Bun line and invested in a re-packing area.

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Our US bakery

Our US bakery

Euro-Bake Bakery
Our bakery in St Petersburg, Florida is a BRC Grade A accredited bakery and produces a wide variety of gourmet dinner rolls, sandwich carriers, baguettes, and artisan loaves.  Euro-Bake breads are developed with high quality ingredients and no preservatives.  However, the real defining feature of a Euro-Bake bread is a high moisture content, which produces a soft, open crumb and a delicate crust - perfect for today's consumer.

Welcome and R&D Center
In 2012, we expanded across the street from our Euro-Bake bakery to create a 7,500-square-foot customer welcome/reception area with meeting rooms, offices and a 2,200-square-foot Research and Development Center.  We invite our customers to visit us and collaborate on creating their next great bread offering.

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