premium bake-off products

The benefits of bake-off

quality bake-off bread

Fresh vs. Frozen

Did you know that nowadays bake-off is the best fresh bread option around? Why? Because more and more consumers prefer warm, freshly baked premium bread all day long. The smell, feel and taste...

It’s a true traffic generator, sales booster,  and a proven recipe for selling more bread

Bread is more than a sandwich carrier—it’s a component that represents the quality of what’s being offered. Euro-Bake artisan sandwich breads, crafted by master bakers, are baked and immediately frozen until you need them, so that you are always offering a quality experience to your guest

quality bake-off products

Too busy?

When you are too busy to bake from scratch several times a day, premium bake-off affords you ease of preparation and flexibility.

And still enables you to offer warm, freshly baked bread throughout the day. On the spot. In all varieties, satisfying consumer needs – which frequently change as the day progresses.

Attracting more customers and generating more sales!

Pick your bread: Fully Baked and Par-Baked

premium bake-off products

Reduce food waste by baking easily in batches

Bake-off breads can be conveniently stored in your freezer and easily baked off in the exact quantities you need at any given time during your day.

Since they are frozen until you bake them, we don’t have to add preservatives to keep them fresh.

Bake-off helps you reduce food waste by baking easily in batches, while saving and selling more!



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