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baking trends

Knowing what consumers want by understanding these mega trends

5 Mega Trends

Staying different, financially healthy and successful is a challenge for every entrepreneur

And even more so for businesses in the food sector, where consumer wishes and needs change faster every day. That’s why we constantly allocate resources to spot, gather and research the latest global and local trends.

We have gathered an overview of three mega trends that are rapidly changing the world of food and bakery right now:

premium bread supplier

1. Premiumization is on the rise

Consumers are looking for higher quality and are willing to pay extra for food and beverages that offer a little extra indulgence. 

For bread, a premium experience means:

  1. a crisp crust and a soft interior
  2. inclusions blended throughout the dough such as dried fruits, Wisconsin cheese or Greek olives
  3. elements of handcraft such as twisting by hand, hand scoring and topping with seeds or cheese by hand)

Artisan baking methods such as natural sourdough, great ingredients, slow fermentation and hearth oven baking also add value in the eyes of consumers, and can justify a higher price on many occasions.

premium health bread

2. Health and nutrition are essential

A route to higher profits is offering food choices that accomodate consumers’ increasingly savvy health consciousness. Important health cues are:

⇒ ‘Free from': no chemical preservatives or artificial additives.


⇒ ‘Goodness going in’:  due to our wholesome ingredients, we are able to offer many non-GMO certified breads



sustainable baking

3. Global Flavors

70% of consumers say they are more likely to try new and unique flavors and ingredients on sandwiches rather than in orhter types of food. 

(source: Lantmannen Unibake Sandwich Study, 2019)

Check out our American & European recipes 

Plant based sandwiches

4. Plant Based

52% of consumers would like restaurants to offer healthier sandwich options *

Meet the meat alternatives: - Jackfruit

- Seitan

- Tempeh

- Falafel

- Tofu

- Portabello Mushrooms

(*source: Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report 2018)

Mini sandwich

5. Mini Sandwich

42% of consumers want more mini sandwich offerings on menus

Why it works: Big flavor is served in a small package allowing guests to enjoy a classic combination while also sampling other menu options or opting to fill up on more than one.

Check out our Bread Roll range

(source: Lantmännen Unibake Sandwich Study, 2019)



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