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Sandwiches come in many shapes

How would you like yours?

Instead of simply cutting straight through the middle, there are a number of cutting techniques to choose from.

With a bit of creativity your sandwiches look more attractive and they are easier to handle too. 

Cut bread 3/4 through

Perfect for when you are eating sandwiches ”on the go”or in the car. When the roll is not cut all the way through, the filling stays in place

sandwich cut

Triangular cut

Make your sandwich attractive and easy to handle by cutting the top half as a triangle. The triangle forms the lid of the finished product.

sandwich cut

Sloping cut

A sloping cut of the bread highlights the filling. Put the lid on the slope and make your sandwich attractive and appetising.

Diagonal cut

 bread – 3 sandwiches! With a long bread, it is simple to make many sandwiches. A diagonal cut makes the bread seem bigger.

A square roll cut into two

Cut a square roll into two from corner to corner. This gives you two large sandwiches.

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