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Pastry recipe

How to get the most out of your display

Artisan bread

A Bread Manufacturer like no other

Whether you’re making sandwiches, burgers, or hoagies, your fillings are only as good as the bread they are served on. The bread you choose is often what sets the best apart from the rest. It’s such an important ingredient that it’s only proper that it comes from a reputable supplier and at the highest quality. 

Whatever your business, if you offer quality, your customers will come back for more. At Euro-Bake, we understand this. That is why we only make the best quality bread and bakery products, and aim to be the best wholesale bread supplier and manufacturer. 

interesting product packaging

Packaging and wrapping

Using different packaging materials is an easy way of introducing a unique twist to the sale of well-known items.

Develop a signature way of presentating and wrapping foods that reflects your business. Try always to come up with ways to present an item to the customer in a more attractive manner or as a take-away item. Customers eat with their eyes first, so attractive and fresh looking items will always sell better.

sandwich sales inspiration

Light, color and aroma

A colorful display is attractive to the eye. A display of foods in complementary colors are easy to do and certain to attract attention.

Make sure that any glass surfaces of display cases are cleaned every day as sunlight, in particular, reveals any smudges. Additional lighting on the customer's side improves the visual value of the products.

Creating mental images in your customers’ heads is very important. Baking throughout the day will fill your store with pleasant aroma that tickle the senses of your customers. Try adding little notes to your display, such as "Baked only half an hour ago" or "Fresh from the oven" to sitimulate your guests.

seasonal baking inspiration

Benefit of seasonal products

Seasonal food items can have a significant impact on sales.

The change in weather can make it easy to sell seasonal products, but the sale of year-round items can also be boosted with a little help from the seasons.

For instance, during the Halloween season, some operators are inspired not only to sell traditional autumn flavors, but also add Halloween decorations to everyday core items.


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