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Artisan bread manufacturer

Artisan Loaf

We aspire to bring you the best wholesale artisan loaves in the USA. Add our loaf to everything, from your appetizers to your snacks, and watch your customers keep streaming back for more!

We have been making Artisan Loaves for years

Bread and loaf has been a staple of the human diet since agriculture began thousands of years ago. When we first learned to tame wheat and grow it in the fields, we had hit a sort of agricultural jackpot and made plenty of bread from this crop of the gods. Over the millennia, bread has made its way into countless recipes and cultures, transcending everything and becoming one of our core unifying factors as human beings.

Knowing all this, it’s important that you serve your customers bread that takes them back to the essence of the food. Bread that brings them together and makes them feel like they are part of a whole. That is why Euro-Bake loaves have such a positive reputation. Our rustic loaves are fresh from the oven and offer countless options in terms of how they can be incorporated into food. From table bread to sandwiches, there’s hardly anything you can’t do with our bread. With soft interiors and firm exteriors, our loaves guarantee a burst of flavor in your customers’ palettes.

We care for the environment

How does  Euro-Bake manage to bring you such great products? Well, for starters, we get our ingredients from only the best farms around the world. We work closely with farmers who maintain environmentally friendly farms and grow non-GMO crops. We have always worked with eco-friendly tools and techniques in order to minimize our carbon footprint while bringing you the best breads.

Lantmännen Unibake USA

2525 Cabot Drive


Suite 300             


Lisle, IL 60532



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